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Hi everyone just a quick question,because there must be a genius out there that knows of an appliance that will chop fresh damp moss up without it clogging burning out or just looking the same as what it did before you started,please don't say scissors as its too boring and takes to long to get a decent amount and also i prefer it chopped as i think its easier to work with,as it is long strand sphagnum,

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Food processor - although it can chop it to a pulp if you're not careful.  Other than that it's a case of chopping in bulky clumps with scissors or a carving knife I'm afraid.

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I know you said not scissors but have you tried those multi blade scissors? I think they are made for shredding paper.

or a herb chopper? (parsley etc not the other ....although...maybe lol)

You can get manual choppers where you put the moss in a bowl put lid on and turn a handle to spin blade and chop it up.

but why do you want the moss so fine anyway I leave mine fairly chunky even for cuttings and seeds



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