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Help with cephalotus care - separating and repotting


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I have had a cephalotus growing in the same pot, same soil for many, many years now. It has separated a few times and seems happy enough, but I was wondering if I should repot it for better care and how/when I should go about doing this for best results? 


Many thanks for any advice.


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It has died back a lot recently. It had to be put outside last year for a cochineal infestation (as far as I could tell). Didn't seem to be harming the plant as it was growing very well, but the little things started appearing all over the walls. While it was outside it died back. Have brought it back in to avoid the colder weather.

Pot size is about 8 inches. 10 years has just gone by with it looking happy plus I was always wary to uproot.

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I have not yet experienced something like crown rot or sudden death. It is maybe too early only 3 years of growth and less than 10 plants altogether.

But while I was investigating about crown rot, I stumbled over boron deficiency. I started with Cephalotus just to see if they would grow faster. But though they grow quite fast I have not yet made up my mind about Cephalotus.

Other plants seem to profit greatly some are quite timid about Boron. Strawberries for example. I applied 10 times each week once and the leafs started out getting very tough

but after 10 weeks I had crippled leafs and very small fruits. After soaking the pot in rainwater they restored their old vigour and fruited normal.

My Cephalotus got about double amount without any ill effect. But now they get only once every two month a squirt of Borax solution which just moistens the surface of the plant. still growing very well.







Most people repot them more often. So this issue might not appear.

I still don’t know if a very much diluted Borax solution will help in such issue but you might have a try. I could send you a small portion for free of this stuff if you want to try. It is difficult to obtain now. It is as poisonous for humans as ordinary salt. It is very poisonous for insects. In very strong solutions it was used as a herbicide, so don’t use more than recommended

Here are mine poor specimens with borax abuse ;)



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