Brick 'n Mortar CP Societies, anyone?


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Hey all,

Mostly out of curiosity, I've been wondering if there are any CP society *properties* out there, a building, office, or other space expressly or in part-time dedicated to the meetings and dealings of the local (or national, continental, international) CP society or community in any part of the world. Mostly discounting nurseries and botanical gardens, are there or have there been any such places? Most societies I know of, if not all, are centered on the internet, and though they may hold meetings regularly at rented venues, they do not own, lease, or otherwise organize on their own property.

Sorry for being so vague, it is only out of my interest to leave room for replies that I can't really specify the endpoint of my curiosity. 

Thank you very much!

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it would be nice tho.....perhaps the next best thing would be to approach a popular vendor. I can't speak for them but if I was a vendor I would be delighted to host such meetings! They would have an opportunity to build relationships with more enthusiasts without needing to do too much in return....perhaps a table/tent with some specimen cp's available to purchase as well as snack/drink sales I would imagine. Also with that template you can have meetings at different vendor locations to enable you to meet more enthusiast, just a thought. 

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I think that most societies just get a room or venue somewhere as they need it.

Something I have noticed that in the US, societies often make a small charge for the room or venue to those attending. We generally don't do this in the UK, the society usually absorbs the cost. We have our AGM coming up in a few months and this will be free to members. I think that some members would hold their hands up in horror at the thought of paying just a few pounds to attend the meeting.

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