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quick question about CP photography


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In regards to post processing and file formats. I recently got a camera that can save images in either jpg, raw or both. Would there be any benefit to saving my pics in a raw format then converting them to jpg in post processing to view online or should I just not mess with it and save the images in a jpg format?

My end goal is to display the best possible image via flickr to share online. I am just uncertain if there would be any benefit to using a raw format for that considering the end size of the pic. 

I know there are most likely some knowledgeable people here on the subject to hopefully point me in the right direction.

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cpbobby, if you are looking to get the best images then save in raw, or dependent on your camera you could save in Raw/Jpeg so that you have the best of both worlds, and you have your Jpeg image to refer back to.

I have always shot in raw, as it give you the opportunity to select better detail in raw post processing, as a trial take an identical image in Raw and Jpeg and then look at them side by side on your monitor and you will notice the difference, you will have a much wider selection of brightness and shadow detail in the Raw image.

Naturally it is dependent on your processing skills and software as to how you can take advantage of the Raw file, the basis of a good photographer is to get the image as perfect as possible in the camera before pressing the button,so that it needs very little if no processing, If you have the ability to look at a Histogram on your camera then use that facility, as with the +/- stops button which allows you to alter the amount of light/shade entering the lens etc, and most importantly compose the image correctly as you cannot alter that in processing.

If you relatively new to photography have a look a a "Dummies Guide" to using your specific camera, don't let the name put you off they are a good book and widely available in the USA.

I do a lot of Flower and flower Macro photography of my orchids/

Hope that helps a little.

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admittedly I am very new to it all but I am sure you knew that by the question I asked. lol. I have noticed with this new camera that it depends on me for alot of it's adjustment which is something I am not used to.

far as entry level camera in question: I was able to get a fully equipped Sony SLTa33L for $192 which left me with $8 to spend to stay in budget. I spent that on a set of macro lenses. It came with a 17-70mm lens and I spent another $20 on a 70-300mm lens. So far only 10% over budget. lol.

Far as my level of mastery: so far I have set all the passive camera settings to my liking and have taken pics by manual zoom and focus. I haven't really gotten into post processing yet but it is on my list of things to do as well as shutter, aperture and other manual adjustments. 

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Agree with Ron, here 100%.

It will take some time using Lightroom before you can understand the context of what I will say next, but with a RAW you can choose the precise DEGREE in KELVIN you want your white balance to be. With a JPEG only image, you can merely choose to UP the temperature by 100 points or DOWN the temperature by 100 points.

In RAW it is awesome to go back to your desk and see the image large and the screen and decide definitively that it looks best at 6500K or 5700K etc. 

That is just the TIP of the iceberg too.

Record in BOTH JPG and RAW so you can SEE your images fast and scroll through the smaller file JPGS and then when you process your image, you will work on the RAW file to have all the options available to you. 

I was going to start a YouTube channel about Carnivorous Plants this year, so I have a space where I can store a quick tutorial on the differences that I think I will make tonight and help you out with a visual example. 

Enjoy your new camera! :D


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Hey, you are helping me out so I am more than willing to wait until it is convenient for you; besides all my plants are dormant so no rush on getting any pics. :)

Many Thanks

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