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Ahoy from Portland OR US


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Hey guys, I'm here to invade the EU

My name's Carson, and I've been growing CPs since around 2001 and am happy to join the forum at last. I've had my eye on CPUK for years but never saw reason to join until I went to ICPS Kew 2016. Now I would like to formally introduce myself to Europe.

I'm a hobbyist grower, and have mostly subtropical S. African Drosera but that's changing rapidly - pings and utrics seem to be up and coming in the collection, as are vfts, and experiments in propagation over the next few years should yield more than that. I have an unrequited love for science but lack the math or the degree to do anything about it, but articles about CPs and especially ecological studies fascinate me and I am always willing to read them.

I'll be around, mostly to pester you guys with questions about sundews and maybe international seed trades. Good to be here!


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That's quite a turnout of responses! Thank you all.

Y'know, we've been wondering about Darlingtonia ourselves for decades and why they happen to grow feral in your neck of the woods, but we can't even keep them outside here in Portland or they'll fry!

I kept Darlingtonia years ago. Every summer half of it would die back until there was nothing left.


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