information about some dionaea

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hello people!


i need to know who created or discover these dionaea:

-all red fused



-bart blezzer 

-bear trap

-black pearl

-bloody shark

-brutal shark



-charly mandon's spotted

-coq couche

-cropped tooth


-dentata crested


-dents stress

-double green

-fused tooth perso I

-giant big mounth

-green fused tooth


-hela 2



-moon trap



-purple giant


-red shark teeth

-shark teeth

-switzerland giant

-tigher teeth

-uk i

-uk ii


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Some, the registered cultivars, you can find here:

It either gives a link to the article or says where it was published so you can look there.

Unfortunatelly, many are either fantasy/trade names that are not registered and thus harder too find out about.

Also, I spotted one mistake. Bart Blezzer, no such person. Bert Bleezer was a Dutch grower of cp's and one of the first (i'm talking the 1980's here) to sell a good selection of many species of CP's (including some of the first heliamphora) on the European private market but he has been out of CP's for decades.

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Cerbère ==> Guillaume (Carniflora)

charly mandon's spotted ==> Charly Mandon (jardinerie)

dents stress ==>lucien (cadeau Plantev)

Double green ==> David Carnivoria unstable

fused tooth perso ==> Speddy 

moon trap ==>Gert (Carniflora)Netherlands

mikkiki ==> Julien Hussein

plumechon==> Mic (Belgique)

coq couche ==> Nico 59 (Nord de la France)

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lucine thank but 

cerbere you said it is from guillaume but he is guillaume bily?

dents stress you said lucien and this lucien are you?

i know that double green is from pawel red and it is stable, and i know that moon trap  probably from klein

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Hi Lucas
 Hi Lucas
Cerbère is a dionaea found in Carniflora by Guillaume Bily.

Gert found the same he calls it double trouble
All of Bily's dionae are plants found at Cerniflora or in a garden-house close to home.
Lucien is me Lucien Blacher:woot:

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