Grumpy Graomogolensis


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Since this little guy got home from the ICPS Conference in Kew this summer he's done nothing but sulk and produce stunted curly leaves. I keep it in the same conditions as my highland Nepenthes, Heliamphora, Utricularia and other South American Drosera, such as Spiralis, Ascendens, Riparia etc. They all grow without a problem in the exact same conditions.

Conditions are:

80% humidity

25°C Daytime

15°C Nights

~20/30cm from growlights

It seemed to decline while sat in the water tray so I've moved to to capillary matting where it's stopped declining but isn't exactly growing either. The only thing I can think of is the medium/pot size. I doubt it's the medium as it was clearly growing fine in it when I bought it. Perhaps it needs a longer pot for more root space?

I'd really appreciate any other suggestions or insight before I upset it some more by repotting it?

Many thanks,






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Hi David.

I also was at the conference and bought the same plant.

Hate to give bad news but im sure yours will end up like mine.... I had been growing in the same conditions like yours also. Looking at your pictures  mine looked just the same. For about a month it looked like it had settled down with a big cluster of new leaves unfurling but only a few weeks ago it finally died. I even took a few leaf cuttings but as they never had any dew on them they never did strike.

This little dude seemed doomed from the start.  Hope yours pulls through but being this long seems unlikely.

Good luck!!

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I have mine for one and half year. I grow it on a South facing window. Days/nights 21-25 now. During summer I kept it outside in a small terrarium Days up to 35, nights 15-20. Previous summer on the window. My ascendens died, villosas are slowly growing but graomogolebsis is one of my niciest sundew. Now even it starts to flower.

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It is in 9x9x10 pot in a mixture of sand and peat. The sand is one which is used in water filters. It is slightly alkaline. Other sundews did not like it. Not sure if the plant is so tollerent or if it actually prefers this conditions. I plan to repot it in the spring to a standard mixture with silica sand.

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