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Warning: plague nepenthes fungus


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For those of you not on facebook, please be aware.

There seems to be evidence that many nepenthes collections are infested with a fungus from the Cryphonectriaceae family which can kill many Nepenthes, it seems to strike hardest when the neps are dormant over winter and apparently lowland neps kept actively growing all year seem to be less at risk.

It is spread easily by spores.

if you are not allready infected, it might be worth avoiding swapping cuttings with other growers and sticking to buying tc plants.





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Corky, theres some discussion in the Highland Nepenthes Group, look for Bill Sherrens recent posts.  Seems its been around for a while and rumour has it some big nurseries are infected.

Thats basically all i know based on what ive recently read on fb.  Until the truth of it is known and more widespread i would caution too much swapping of plants.

Hopefully someone with more knowledge will post here and give us some better information.  To be honest i'm somewhat shocked that it seems to have heen a well kept 'secret' for quite a while.  It's the sort of thing we should all be informed about.

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One of mine died like this after I had just bought it, I think it is simply too much light too soon (in combination with possibly lack of proper humidity) , it may recover though, it will just take time (at least a month looking at the picture but could be even three or not recover at all, unfortunately) I wouldn't worry about infestation

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