Cephalotus folicullaris conditions

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Hi all!

I have a question about cephs I'll be receiving very soon... I don't know if these will be in dormancy, all I know they will be bare rooted. And now I wonder, I don't have any experiences in keeping this guys, I tried to gather as much info as I could and now I wonder:

- Does it make sense to take some root cuttings before I plant them in media, or would it not be wise to disturb the plant any further?

- I read about temperature drop the cephs should have during the night, and I don't have a perfect place to pull this off... Will they be OK on a 23-24°C temperature? No night variations...

- Will these cephs that arrive in the middle of winter (I'm from EU) be in dormancy? Should I put them somewhere with lower temps (12°C and weaker light)? Or should I put them in my small terrarium wiht artifical lighting? 

Thanks for your help and tips. Regards!

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i don't know how it was cared from the seller.

when You buy a chepalotus and it Is bare root it often loss a lot of leaves and pitchers (even all), and then it start grow again after a little time (one month in my growing conditions).

if I were You I don't do root cuttings, because the plant is too much stressed for the travel...

if You want, expecially If the plant is very young, You can put it in terrarium, but i prefer a more natural cultivation outside... If temperatures are below 5 degrees, protect it with plastic, make yourself a little greenhouse.

i don't suggest You, If it is Your first cephalotus, To put it where tere's not light, because if You don't know how much water it, there is a very high danger of mould and fungus.

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If they are from a greenhouse or even worse from a flask I would not dare to put them outside. They certainly need time to adapt to the cold.

With enough light they would be probably ok with a terrarium or a not to small pot in a warm climate. Try the cooler conditions when they have adapted in the new place.

Best from spring on.

A dormancy is with mine just a time when it grows a bit more slow with temperatures between -1 to plus 10. Only when they experience a severe frost they have to start again from scraps.


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so far I've had my Ceph outside on a west windowsill since i got it in January, its been doing really well, its grown a lot and the pitchers look nice and healthy. Winters are mild here and frosts are very rare and normally then only up in the mountain. Good drainage is key, and outside you get as good airflow so that helps keep fungus away.

Where about in the EU are you?

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I'm not sure how seller kept the plants before me, I'll have to check. 

Here it can get up to -10C during the winter sometimes. So I doubt I can keep the plants outside. I have to think about it, for now I put them in terrarium and I hope they'll be fine. 

Thanks for help!

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