U. Reniformis, getting it to flower


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Hi Les,

I grow mine in an unheated greenhouse where they die back to stolons/tubers over winter. They may require that to flower well?

When the leaves on mine turn brown and shrivel back, I take it out the water tray and let it dry out completely, clipping off the brown leaves. After a few months, when the weather starts to improve very slightly, the flower racemes are the first things to appear out of the sphagnum around April.

At that point, I start to resume watering.

I believe they need to be of a certain age to start flowering but for me, it was the dry dormancy that really started to get it flowering every year.

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I'll second that - mine is also in a nepenthes greenhouse, so around 14oC minimum

It also dies back completely in winter and I keep it just moist, certainly not regularly watered, but not totally dry either (I never keep it in a tray, and it is in the same LFS/bark mix I use for the nepenthes)

It has flowered each spring for the last 2 years  

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On 16/12/2016 at 6:54 PM, Ali Baba said:

it didn't start flowering until it was very pot bound in a largeish pot.

Yes I have heard this before and may be an important trigger factor - mine is (extremely) pot bound in a large, relatively shallow 'bulb bowl' style dish (30cm round). This seems to have allowed for very thick, white tuberous stolons underground.

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Mine have plenty of room for the roots and the bottom of the greenhouse gets down to just below 10 deg C in winter; growth definitely stopped during August and September. Got some lovely leaves and I can see lots of the white thick roots spreading around, but they don't have anything to limit them. May have to try putting some in a smaller pot to see what happens 


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