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I'm tired of fighting the aphid war with tweezers, submersion, bad language and negative vibes, and feel that it's time to use something more direct when the outbursts are particularly bad.

Much of the online information regarding the best pesticides seems to reference US products - does anybody know if products such as Orthene are available in the UK, and whether they can be bought in anything less than half-tonne vats? 

Any advice on the best product that's available in the UK?


Many thanks!


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1 minute ago, manders said:

I tried some on utricularia alpina and it killed it stone dead.  Most other plants seemed ok with it though.

which one pravado or roseclear ?

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Look for an ingrediant called Imidacloprid, and contains no soap or oils.
The brand name changes, but the chemical is the same world wide. I use it on many CPs.
Dionaea seem to decline a bit after usage and then recover, but other than that no problems.
I use it in the water, and it kills even the aphids I don't see.

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