please guide me.?!!!


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The bottom (Lambert) bag is perfect. The Novarbo bag may be OK - depends on what 'mix' it actually is. Looking at their website, they do a range of Peat substrates - some of which have added lime and/or fertiliser (both bad news for Carnivorous plants). If you can confirm the mix is one of the pure peats, that will be fine.

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Reading some of the info, I am a bit worried about the mention of NPK in the peat. It gives an amount in mg per litre, but I have no idea whether the quantities mentioned are significant or if this is just a natural amount present in peat.

If the pH is 5 to 6, then this will be fine.

I am not sure where in the world teh is. Is this Tehran ? In some parts of the world, it can be very difficult to get decent peat moss.

It seems a pity if you have gone out and bought a big bag to throw it away. I would be inclined to experiment with a few CP's, not your prize ones.. Perhaps buy a cheap VFT from a garden centre and experiment on that. If VFT's grow alright, then it will probably be fine. VFT's are fussy in strange soil, and if they grow, it will be OK.

If you find this peat moss to be totally unsuitable, try to get hold of unfertilized coir. Rob Cantley can't get hold of peat in Sri Lanka and uses coir to good effect. Do try and make sure it is not salty though.

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good idea. do some experiments and see what works. When I first grew carnivores I used the miracle grow peat from lowes and it worked fine despite being enriched. I say make you a mix and try it. good growing!

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