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Hiyas from Finland!


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Greetings from freezing Finland. First snow today here in the southern parts. :yucky:

Been on and off with CPs for more than two decades.

Now I feel like giving this hobby another go.

Planning on building a new terrarium(or two) now.

Thinking of keeping Sarracenias and Neps mostly.

Sarracenias I can keep outside during or lovely (but so short) Summer. Neps...not so much.:tongue:

Seems that lighting in particular has taken a quantum leap since the last time I checked the available gear.

 My head is crammed with questions, so I have lot of reading to do it seems.

Thanks for having me!



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Greetings Mikko,

Wow snow, hard to imagine winter weather already here in the south east of england where the sun is shining bright today!

Lots of great information to be found within the archives here and people always about to answer any questions.

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Welcome Mikko  to the cpuk   as Stu  said plenty of info and advise.

Sunny here in Midlands also but bit chilly


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