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New Nepenthes cultivation advice


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Since Borneo Exotics has released a great lot of Nepenthes hybrids, there are a number of them for which there is little or no cultivation information.

It is generally known that a hybrid between a Highlander and a Lowlander should be cultivated as an "intermediate". This means that the plant can stand conditions for both highland and lowland. However, I don't know wether this applies on 100% of the cases or if it is a general supposition.

Nepenthes Ampullaria x Aristolochioides would be one of these hybrids, in which N. Ampullaria, usually a lowlander, has been hybrided with a highlander N. Aristolochioides. And I would place it with my ventrata, as an intermediate Nepenthes, but I don't know wether it will be good in those condicions (basically, winter temp 5-15ºC, nights might be cooler, but not always. Summer temp 20-35ºC, nights 20-25ºC).

Does anyone have general advice regarding cultivation of these new hybrids?

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Thanks for your advice. Mine is currently under lowland conditions (20C-24C day and night) and is also growing great. So far it has opened one pitcher and is in the process of "inflating" some more. Would you reccommend to give it colder temps at night?

I have some doubt also regarding N. Reinwardtiana. I have also put it in my lowland terrarium and is doing new leaves but the tips (where the pitcher should form) turns black. Is N. Reinwardtiana highland? I've found quite contradictory information.

So far, these are the faster acclimating plants. The others are still in acclimation process.

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Hi Gorenoko,

N. reinwardtiana can be cultivated as an intermediate, do not require special cares. I grow under temperatures 14,5 - 28 degrees at this time of the year with no problems and producing few pitchers. The most important with Nepenthes plants its the real humidity that needs to be high. Avoid temperatures drops 10 degrees, but it's not a general rule. For example, in natural habitat has been mesured som highland species at 3 degrees, as N. Lowii.Good Growing


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