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Ive ordered some VFT's and Drosera peltata var peltata seeds from best carnivorous but have never sown CP seeds before, normally buying a plant or propagating via cuttings/pullings.

So has anyone got some advice on light levels, substrate, heat that would get these plants of to the best possible start.

In addition to this because these plants are going onto a public display would it be best to just sow them insitu or not.

Many thanks.

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I've never grown either of these from seed, due to my lack of patience more than anything else, but I struggled to keep adult Drosera from the petiolaris complex alive for long. I assumed this was because I couldn't maintain high enough temperatures in winter.

Anyhow, you might find something useful on the following links if you haven't seen them already...

ICPS Growing Wooly Drosera

ICPS sowing Seeds

ICPS Growing Sub-Tropical Drosera

Although I haven't grown them from seed I'd guess that the Drosera at least would need a bit more tlc than they would receive if they were just sown insitu in you BBG display.  I guess the VFTs may be OK.

Good luck, it will be interesting to see some photos of your results.

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Regarding Drosera I have had great success w using a mix of equal parts coir peat & LFS.  Make sure not to cover seeds when you sow them.  Keep temps & humidity relatively high... I gauge it with my hand.   You can use ziplock bags /  terrarium/ greenhouse/ I really like humidity domes.  I like to use fluorescent or leds to illuminate the seeds.  3 - 4 weeks is average time for mine to sprout.  D. Burmanii "tumbling waters" / D. Burmanii humpty Doo/. D tokaiensis & a few others just popped for me.  

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