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Long Term Seed Viability

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A month ago, I planted a ton of Drosera seed that had been stored in the fridge for over 10 years. The germination rate so far has been surprisingly good.
I also planted 1 Sarracenia, 1 Heliamphora, 1 Darlingtonia. Seed was planted in warm conditions (no stratification) and so far, there has been no germination.
And finally, I planted 4 species of SE USA Pinguicula. So far, there's only a single P. planifolia seedling.
Does anyone know if ancient seed of the above non-Drosera varieties ever survives?
Finally, I just discovered another batch of seed that was stored at room temperature for around 10 years :/ 
I'd be curious to know if anyone has had good results from seed stored under such conditions. I'll still plant a ton of it and try to post my results, but it would be nice to know what to expect so I don't check all my seed pots as obsessively as I've been checking the current batch! 
I'm particularly curious about Sarracenia and wonder how old is too old...


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