Advice needed about Bursarys and Expeditions

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Hello all,

I am interested on going on an expedition to Borneo or the Philippines or even Mount Roraima to view carnivorous plants in there natural habitat. As I am a student of Horticulture I'm going to try for a bursary to help fund this. however Im after some advice from CPUK

I live in the UK and at the minute cant find much useful info on the internet save for this company

I would like to know if

Anyone has any other potential sources of a bursary other than the RHS that i can look into.

Have any of you been in my position before (wanting to do an expedition but not knowing how to go about it) if so could you give me some advice.

and also if there are any societies that run an expedition of this kind in the UK

Any help would be much appreciated


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