Can Darlingtonia Californica be grown outside in UK all year?

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They can withstand the UK winter, usually without any problem, depending of course how severe the winter gets. I have had them survive outside (in large mass bog situations) to minus 12 and beyond, but what the lower limit is I really have no idea. Some protection would of course be beneficial.



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not been a problem in Norn Iron. A little bit of protection from the chilly and often strong winds.

Good young plant bought in 2013 still growing strong and produced quite a few plantlets so it isn't doing too badly.

Temp:  lowest was about -19 (although the monitoring station is a little higher altitude) we have had a few right cold winters

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I've had some outside for 5 or 6 years now (N. Hants but a cold 'pocket'), both round my pond and in a container (plant trough akin a washing up bowl size/shape).  The pond plants took a hit this winter for some reason but a couple of new ones are now coming through quickly.  Just find it never gets as big as in the greenhouse as it has a bit of a shorter growing season.

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