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Amorphophallus titanum leaf cutting


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After 6 months finger crossed, I had the chance to succeed in A, titanum leaf cutting.

Nothing really new, I just followed this recipe : http://forums.gardenweb.com/discussions/1686545/amorphophallus-titanum-leaf-cutting

Cut a part of the leaf the 4th April, in July I was obliged to repot the cuttings because of a substrate  gnat infestation, just took the opportunity to take a pic.

5 rooted leaf portions out of 7, then I had to wait 2 more months before the first stem appeared.




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Hi Gary

It seems cuttings go through 2 phases, first: production of roots from the piece of petiole.

That's the case of first picture. Then there is  production of a little tuber, 0.5 - 1cm diam.

The first stem is producted by this little tuber. At the begining, there is just a green eye on the tuber and a few roots

start to grow at the base of this green shoot. Only after these roots develop, the stem will start to grow. So,  when stems grow, there is already a tuber.


I don't agree with you, the first step of growth is dead easy, there is no dormancy and stems will grow one after another. (one to one and a half year)

Problems arrive with the first real dormancy, tubers dry very fast if kept to dry but also rot fast if kept to wet. In addition, tuber will awake when it wants.

On my experience, longer is the dormancy, tougher is the awakening.


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We've got one grower in northern Australia and another in Switzerland, I'm not surprised that each experiences differences in the plants behaviour.

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