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Getting nice dionaea coloration?


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I have been lately discussing with some colleages about coloration on the inside of the traps.

We have had some dionaeas coming from garden centers with great inside coloration, bright red or almost burgundy, but this red coloration slowly fades to green.

We have tried cultivating them in full sun and also in partial shade, but anyways, the plants turn to green.

All other dionaea are getting now their red coloration, even though they have been in full sun in summer, more than 7 or 8 hours. I have noticed that full sun eases trap development and increases growth, but not inside trap coloration. Not all dionaea are getting full red coloration they should, such as b-52, which is now getting an orange-ish hue.

So, what is the "trick" to get a nice red colored flytrap?

The only dionaeas that are nice red are red sawtooth and red dragon, although not completely red.

I have read here and there many theories such as lack of humidity, excess of food or lack of sunlight. I was just wondering whether any new information has been released lately.


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