Cephalotus "Big Boy"

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This is one of my Cephalotus "Big Boy". It has been growing in Tesco Low Dust Lightweight Cat Litter for a few years.





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Excellent results , good peat free alternative for those that care. Do you have to keep a particularly high water table? Or just to where the drainage holes are. I tried cat liter with vft's the other year , mixed with peat but they didn't seem to like it so I changed back to my normal mix , but always have some for succulents

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@corky, the water level is up to the drainage holes. It doesn't stay that level for long during the hotter weather and I often find the pitcher lids closed when it is dry, prompting me to add water. I find Cephalotus in my conditions to be quite tolerant of dry conditions for a short while.

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