Nepenthes quesion


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Also, I bought this one when it was very little at the gardening centre. It was the only nep in a small section of CPs and it didn't say which one it is. 
I thought it was too small to identify at first, but now it has grown a bit bigger. Any thoughts on which nepenthes this could be? 

nep1.jpgnep 2.jpg

nep 4.jpg

nep 3.jpg

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Don't cut them off ! Otherwise you'll miss out on the intermediate and upper pitchers, which can usually be different in shape and colour, depending on the species though. Not all nepenthes put out different uppers. You're doing the right thing by supporting the vine, just use anything suitable to help support it, bamboo sticks, trellis, ties etc. Can you post a photo of the plant in question ?

As for your new plant, it's still a bit early to tell, but it looks to me like it's very likely to be x ventrata, a hybrid between alata and ventricosa. This is a very common 'starter nepenthes' due to it's tolerance to less than perfect conditions and it's easyness as a windowsill plant.

Happy growing !

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8 hours ago, Frankie said:

Does anyone have any ideas of how to support the vines in a manageable way? What does everyone do themselves?

Easest way is put them in hanging baskets and let the vines hang down, when they too large they can be trimmed and used as cuttings.

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Thank you very much! I grow all my neps helis and orchidioides utricularia on South East facing windowsills in my flat, some were fine straight onto the windowsills and some needed time to adjust. I have to say that I'm up in Edinburgh so we get quite cool summers and being near the sea we get hars that come in that keeps it cool and humid most of the time, I need to get a new temp and humidity meter, but before it took a dip in the bath in January, humidity in the summer would be anything from 40% to 80% depending on weather and down to as low as 15°c at night to no more than 30°c when the sun is shining thru the windows on a really hot summer day, a lot lower temps in winter and higher humidity. I'm not sure yet, they've nearly hit the ceiling, when they do I'll just take some cuttings as I've already got uppers on them.


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