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I have 2 pullings that have made it out of 18 they have leafs but no pitchers

I started them in March so looking forward to pitchers don't know what to 

do about moving them or leaving in the greenhouse over winter.

well done they are not easy to get the right growing condition to make them start


BTW will we get our sigs back

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Thanks all, I had taken about 10 in total only these 2 survived.

every time I see it I can't believe it has pitchers, it can't have much in the way of roots.

i am thinking of repotting them soon


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The media is my own mix of hydroponic fertiliser free compost, pearlite and sharp sand in a rough ratio of 2-1-1, I go by feel rather than anything else.

watering I fill the tray about 5mm up the side of the pots, when that's gone I give it roughly 2-3 days for air to get in and the compost to dry a little, using my finger to check at the top, then re water.

if it's hot more water or shorter time between waterings, as you get more experienced you can adjust, I know they are bog plants but I err on the side of caution and go a little drier.

im no expert by any means I just find this works for me.

Thanks, James 

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