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'Thrive' carnivorous plant compost (peat-free)

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Ha , someone's turning that key in Ada's back again !

I used thrive when I first started my collection, I got it from a local 'Dobbies' garden centre, I don't recall if it was peat free though, just that it was for carnivorous plants.

Mine did fine in it but when you consider you can get 100 litres of medium for less than 3 bags of that thrive you'll see why I switched...

I'd say it was fine if you have a select few plants but as the hobby takes hold you'll probably be wanting a far cheaper alternative....

Cheers Chris

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Well, I understand that if you have a lot of plants, cost will be important. But my collection will be only around 6-7 plants so it's not that much of an issue... I want to do things in an environmentally friendly way and if the peat-free method works, then I'll go with it... Some people might not agree with me but that's ok... 

Thanks for everybody's input, it's appreciated. :)

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Do we know what it's actually made from, what are the "premium quality ingredients"?  The website is still under construction so no help there but it looks like it might have woodchips and grit in it amongst other things.

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