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Hey folks

I saw an idea on a garden website where a ' gate ' had been glued onto reflective backing so when it was mounted on the wall it gave the illusion of an open gate with another garden behind.

The reviews on quality were mixed and as it was an acrylic reflective backing, some people were getting a warped reflection with their products, one even saying it was like that one of those fairground mirrors!.

That coupled with its £180 price tag led me to me having a go myself with an old sliding wardrobe mirror that handily had safety film applied so if it does meet with an accident it will stay in one piece.

Here's a couple of pics of the end result.




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Nice work Chris, I've seen the window framed mirrors in gardens before but not a full gate setup. It creates a good illusion and (from the image at least), is very hard to see it isn't a real opening!

Must feel good to have created it yourself too. ;)

Wonder what the foxes will make of it!

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Hey Stu

I was thinking of maybe doing a window too but will leave as is for now....

I'm pretty happy with the result but I don't mind telling you it was a pain to make.

I had to go to bnq 3 times for ' one more plank ' after fudging up my angles !....

No sign of those pesky foxes since thankfully, if that's what it was, I do still wonder.....

All the best matey

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If you add my time it cost more mate !.

I think money wise I spent £30 on the 2nd hand mirrors. ( I got a pair, the other is in the gym/garage)

Materials came in around £80 and probably about 20 man hours labour but I am a painfully slow worker !.

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Thanks Yossu

There's things I'd of done differently, hindsight and all that but I'm pleased with the end result, I still have a couple of little finishes to make.

There's a few topics and 'how to' guides on " Pinterest" website that are helpful and I copied this gate from the primrose website.

My gate looks the best if you're stood to the left of it, it's not so effective when stood to the right so if you were positioning the gate project left of the middle of your wall / fence I'd suggest having it ' opening ' from the other side if you get my drift.....

They don't mention that anywhere........

Cheers chris

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