First informal meeting of the Scottish branch of cps

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Hi there,

I would like to inform everyone that the Scottish branch will be holding an informal meet at RBG Edinburgh on Saturday the 10th of September, we will all meet at the East gate and go onto one of the many coffee/eateries around the gardens for a chat to see how everyone would like further meetings to go, funtofunky of alba exotics will be attending. The branch will run a small raffle with some plants donated from my collection and some from other growers too. I'm looking to do this as a monthly affair, open days at personal and commercial grows. There will be field trips arranged for next year to some local bog sites and possibly some further up in Aberdeenshire. I know this is all a bit last minute, but it will be a great opportunity for cp enthusiasts from Scotland and the north of England to have more going on up north. Anyone is more than welcome to come along and add there input to what they'd like to see happen in the future with the Scottish branch. This is a small test run to see how many people are interested, but I will continue run monthly meets even with a small number of people, as I believe we have to start somewhere to build something decent. I would like to add this has already been cleared with Dennis and the rest of the cps committee, as I've been in talks with them since last year, and had the opportunity to meet Dennis and other members at this year's icps conference at Kew Gardens, where we came up with the idea of field trips next year. I'm away from home for the next couple of days and Internet signal will not be great so look back at this thread periodically, if anyone needs to contact me they can get me on 07729014781, if I can't answer the phone, just drop me a text.

Kind regards

Mark Anderson


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I'm just heading up to the botanics now, I'll be at the East gate from 2pm I'll be waring a white cps tshirt and blue purple checked shirt, look forward to meeting everyone. I'm actually going to be quite early so if anyone else is early you can get me on 07729014781I'll keep checking cpuk as well. On a side note, doesn't the forum look lovely with the cps logo and new banner! Well done to the cps for keeping this great forum going! 

Best regards

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Thank you very much Richard! They day went brilliantly, Oliver from scotcarnivorousplants was able to attend this meeting and future ones, he brought along some lovely neps for the raffle and because he knows I'm such a nut for heliamphora he brought along some lovely h neblinae x hispida from his private collection for me :), also forum member funtofunky (owner of alba exotics) was along with a lovely large nep for one of the members first terranium projects! Funtofunky will be along for future meets as well.  We had one forum member along jwal who grows a very impressive collection of sarracenia spanning two glasshouses, he brought along some stunning sarrs for the raffle as well. We met for a good four hours and had a lot of very interesting conversations spanning different genera from temperate to tropical, conservation, terranium greenhouse and windowsill growing and much more. Getting our heads together means now there are four collections both private and commercial that we can arrange open days next year, also jwal lives near to a bog site that has raised walkways that go around the bog, but for the more adventurous few there is also access to the open bog! scotcarnivorousplants is getting a much bigger greenhouse sometime this year and will kindly hold an open day in the new year once it's all done, it is pencilled in for spring but will release a firm date by the end of the year, I'm sure a lot of forum members have bought plants from Oliver! I've only seen a video of his collection when he had just the one small greenhouse even then he had alot of stunning plants crammed in! Since then he's added another greenhouse to it, but I can't imagine what it will be like when he gets his new massive greenhouse!  We will also be having a look round alba exotics sometime, I've been once and he has a massive heli terranium that is stunning! His nep section in the greenhouse is great as well, his large robcantleyi is a carbon copy of its mother the Queen of hearts and is to die for! Once my new bathroom and kitchen is fitted sometime this century, I will hold meetings at my place from time to time where people can see how I grow all my helis, neps, orchidioides utrics and a lot of other genera on windowsills! Also jwal will host an open day sometime between May and Middle of June, will have a firm date in the new year! We will advertise these well in advance thru cpuk and the cps.

I thank everyone that came and I'm very glad everyone went back with some new plants and some planta carnivora to read over. We even had some interest from some of the public passing by our little meet and from one member of staff that was quite taken by the plants I brought along, of course they all went away with details of the Scottish branch, the cps and cpuk so all in all a really productive day! 

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