Is better to grow a cephalotus with a drosera?

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Apologize a stupid question... I see in a lot of cephalotus growers photos plants of droseras in cephalotus pots... At the first times I thought it was due to Drosera seeds lost in sphagnum... But now I've red that someone prefers grow cephalotus with a "friend plant".. Does it help to grow better the cephalotus?

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Competing for light will be hampered by my scissors. This variation of plants together is due to my believe that mycorrhiza is the best  prevention against other fungi or moulds, which could be harmful for the carnivores.

I had good success with other difficult plants like wild lilies or even orchids in combination with other plants to stabilize the aeration and watersupplie in the substrate. So I try habitats where all plants add to the system.

Sometimes its natural combinations like the ones with dwarf Drosera sometimes a substitute like this elm tree. It might not work on the long run, but this will be early detected when just one species shows symptoms of not being well.

The elm will take excess of nutrition and might have its own mycorrhiza.


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Buona giornata Argo88,

Even as a newbie (this is my first post), I can confidently say it is not a stupid question! In his description of the natural habitat of  Cephalotus, Peter d'Amato in The Savage Garden (page 210) writes, "The plants are often found accompanied by Drosera hamiltonii."

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