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Here's a bed of S. leucophylla Hurricane creek white from Baldwin Co, AL.  The original site is about 100% altered and 99% destroyed.  There aren't any outstanding clones left in the wild like we have in cultivation (well, there are nice ones still there but they don't compare), but there's still a relic patch of plants alive today, here's a link to the story:




There's still a bunch of traps have yet to open, so these plants are not at their fullest potential, but they're starting to look nice!  Photos taken 8/29/16:












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great plants as always Mike,wish i had as much room and was able to grow them so well outside.



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Gorgeous bed of HCW Mike but very sad story about the original site.  :(

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Okay, it seems most of the fall pitchers here have now opened up, there's probably a couple more but now that so many traps have opened, I don't know if it's going to look much more impressive than this....but maybe it will.  In any case, this is the absolute best these plants have ever done as a whole....Kinjie and I were talking about how we get tired of our own collections, but it's hard to get tired of a bed like this!  Photos taken 9/6/16 and a few days ago as well:








Some really white ones popped out this year if you look closely:






I guess it still does have a little more filling in to do.  Hopefully, this heat wave that's being predicted doesn't burn all of the tips of the leaves like it does year after year:







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Beautiful collection Mike!

Although lovely as individual specimens, those leucos really do look impressive en masse. :-)

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Thank you Stu!


The traps have finally mostly opened up, not sure you can tell much of a difference compared to previous photos, but this is the absolute best they've ever been. Photos taken 9/12/16 and a few days ago:

Let's start with some crazy amazing clone F traps:





Here's a fat trap of clone A:


Bigger trap to the left, foreground is clone E:






Another really white clone E trap:

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Fantastic plants as always Mike!!!

Just amazing!

If I'm lucky my clone F will reach this magnificent in 2 or 3 years! ;-)

I would like to ask if could you post,please , some photos of the others clones G, H and I... would be nice see they all at their best as it's very hard to find photos of these clones in the web..

Kind regards,



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Absolutely fantastic! Again, I am sorry to hear about the destruction of the site, but it is great that plants are safe in cultivation.

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