Sarracenia leucophylla and the Chameleon effect

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Not all leucophylla alba clones "interchange" between regular leucophylla and var. alba traps, but quite a few do.  As a good example, take a look at this individual.  Photos taken 8/4/16:



In this first picture, notice the two very different looking traps connect to the same exact plant:




perhaps this picture better shows the two traps connected to the same rhizome, the solid white one would be considered var. alba according to Stewy and Donnie Schnell, and the regular looking one would be merely called S. Stewy and Donnie Schnell:





2 different looking traps, same plant!




Closer pic, I would have never guessed this was an alba if that super white trap didn't pop out:




And just for fun, we've seen something similar with Hurricane creek white, but the less white pitchers still look more alba-ish than the clone referenced above:  

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