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Dionaea 'Alternance'


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Hi all,

 It made me think dionaea YD Mascara:confused: (http://forum-carnivorace-fr.forumgratuit.org/t1913-nouvelle-dionee-mascara?highlight=yd+mascara) , It is stable but the teeth vary a little depending on the season. You can see on the picture that all the traps have these small teeth doubled or even tripled sometimes. The edge of the traps is thickened but only on the outside. that I own for 2 years now and that I shared with some people including Massacror, Nigel09 and another person. Here 2 photos of YD Mascara.


32447371904_58e13a84b8_c.jpgD. YD Mascara by Djam Carni, sur Flickr


33290359305_9e36733903_c.jpgmascara2 by Djam Carni, sur Flickr



I invite anyone who owns dionaea YD Mascara to post photos as soon as the plant will be well characteristic to see if as I think it is the same cultivars....

Thank you.

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Hello, I have just photographed my dionaea "YD Mascara" and this confirms what I thought: Lucien has rename dionaea YD Mascara in dionaea Alternance to make believe that it is one of his creation...While this is false! 

I give you the link of a topic that I presented it for the first time in a french forum  http://forum-carnivorace-fr.forumgratuit.org/t1913-nouvelle-dionee-mascara?highlight=yd+mascara

33561407182_4ef121d679_z.jpgYD Mascara by Djam Carni, sur Flickr

33333413470_b29042b4aa_z.jpgYD Mascara by Djam Carni, sur Flickr

33676819166_14531c7cd1_z.jpgYD Mascara by Djam Carni, sur Flickr

33333393570_d843a16c60_z.jpgYD Mascara by Djam Carni, sur Flickr

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You should be careful ... It is well known that same characteristics can occur on different plants. There are many examples of this fact : Alien/Jaw Smiley, Coquillage/green wizard, Kinchyaku/cup trap, so many dentate forms, red forms which are nearly all the same ... Lucien is a well known VFT grower who has already created amazing and original clones. I don't beleive one second that he renamed plants created by others. So please take it easy and stop these childish things !

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Precisely, why make fakes? Lucien has created some very nice cultivars but from time to time there is something that slips away. Why? He never explained it and whenever a suspicion was made, he never tried to explain what was going on. It's already happened, it's not like it's the first time.

It is not for me that I react, it is for everyone I believe. No one here wants to be surrounded. And it's also to try everyone has to be rigorous in the selections.

So yes it's boring, it's long, not super horny but it's the way to get to have in our collection of beautiful plants, different from each other and rewarding for everyone.

If you want to grow the same plants under two different names, go ahead, but it's already without me.

And without wanting to offend you I do not feel like playing the kids. ;)


Peace and love:happy:

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