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Is this a Venus Fly Trap?

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Hi Guys,


It is a first time that I am trying to grow a carnivorous plant. I have bought some Venus Fly Trap seeds online and so far I managed to germinate one seed. The problem is that the seedling does not look like anything I have seen online so far


Could someone tell me whether I have been sold right seeds?


29104516846_0ed9a847c0_k.jpgIMG_8370 by fazi87, on Flickr




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Hi Ada,


Thank you for a quick response. It was actually a UK based seller but I have to admit that I bought it on e-bay.


Any Idea what plant it could be? 


Do you know any reliable place online where I can purchase VFT seeds? 


Many Thanks

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Could be a seed that blew in and germinated, or could of already been in your soil mix . Never know might still get some flytraps, I often get odd plants germinate before the seeds I planted do, trying to be positive here:-)



Not possible, I germinated these seeds in a damp paper towel so I am 100% that this came out of the seed I bought :-)


vft seeds are small, round and black. Were yours like that?



Yes, this is exactly how they look like. Picture below + picture of another germinated seed.


28565384924_5e02daf209_h.jpg15R_9842 by fazi87, on Flickr


28565387424_88c7b9ae3f_k.jpg15R_9847 by fazi87, on Flickr

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Hi Martin,

Not sure what you have there, but it's not carnivorous. Those aren't fly trap seeds, they're the same colour but more pear shaped.

Kind regards, and don't be put off!

Nigel H-C

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Maz, I know the growing from seed experience is super cool - I'm a gardener so nothing better than sowing seed and watching it develop into good strong healthy plants.


With it being your first CP though, why not take the hassle out of it and buy a ready grown plant from a reputable seller (online). Probably not much more expensive than seeds and less time to wait around to watch your plant in action and learn the ins and outs of caring for CP's.


Also, October onwards is dormancy time for VFT's so you may not get much growth from seed before it dies back (unless you are planning to keep it under lights and in warm conditions over the winter however Adult plants would need a good rest via dormancy over winter to reach their full potential and not weaken the plants lifespan.

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Hello Martin


Ada nailed it, aquilegia is what you have, and they don't flower the 1st year so you will have to wait for the next lot of seed.

I have to hold my hand up and say I paid 99p for VFT seeds from China,  planted seeds on Saturday, they spouted on

Wednesday, by the following Saturday they were 4cms high. VFT's take an age to germinate. What I had bought was

Morning Glory seeds, banned in parts of the USA as it is invasive. Buy a good VFT, let it flower and collect your own

seed.  Pay a bit extra and buy from a trusted seller. there are several on the forum.



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