Tortrix moth problems

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Hi this year I seem to be over populated with Tortrix moth catarpillars, mostly on my outdoor purps. This is probably a basic question but how do people deal with these? As they've never really been much of a problem until now.


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I think there are pheromone traps available out there to kill the adults, not sure how specific they are to Tortrix. Bug Clear claims to be effective against caterpillars, never used it for this purpose though.

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Hi Dan

They can be a real pain munching holes and folding over leaves to form a hideout, I've had a few issues too this year, mainly at the start of the season when the pitchers are still young and tender.

They always seem to end up damaging the more desirable plants too!.

I've used provado ultimate bug spray on sarras, Cephs and vft's with no issues for a couple of years , even when using it more than the recommended amount.

My only complaint would be the "systemic" action doesn't always work but it certainly kills the bugs on contact.

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