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I got a S.psittacina about two years ago and grow fine for me,but this year its got smaller and smaller? It grows with all my other sarracenia 2" water,full sun and cold winter rest and 2.1 peat/perlite.


Two years ago





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Looking at the brown pot where it was standing in when you got it, this plant originally comes from carniflora or another dutch nursery and they use fertilized peat to grow these (small amounts). This is probably the reason why they have these beautifull psittacina with big pitchers. Try putting 4 pellets of osmocote 6 month type at the beginning of spring next year in the pot.

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This is a fairly frequent occurrence, generally due to fertiliser, the plant will settle into its natural rhythm. Did you remove all the old traps at the same time?



Yes all the pitchers was removed last year.This is the only one that I have trouble with,as they get smaller and smaller then die on me.....
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