One Year's Growth

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I took some pics of my new plants about this time last year and it seemed like a good time to get the camera out again.

Hope they're big enough to see properly!


 N. Ventricosa x Talangensis

28356858414_2eff16ebc4_m.jpg            28871192162_b50b39da08_m.jpg


                 After Winter                                                 Latest pitchers

      28359487443_d6697ca108_m.jpg                      28356876974_16301ffe2e_m.jpg




             N. Sanguinea                                              Had a bit of growth spurt


28359323953_0193d05444_m.jpg           28943734546_2f22c6e302_m.jpg





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This wee little Darlingtonia I got late last summer has only recently started to put out some decent growth.

                             28871051682_6669c3241c_m.jpg                                   28975917605_c644cd5f89_m.jpg



At the same time I got two baby Ceph's I tried growing one inside and one in the greenhouse.


                        On arrival                                               After winter in GH                                          This week

    28899730071_c4e536628c_m.jpg     28690110380_7e56acbba1_m.jpg     28871067832_1c01358dc0_m.jpg




                                                     After winter inside, a fair bit bigger than its sibling.     Now, it's still the larger of the two.


            28871141272_dc4989985c_m.jpg      28359411473_1e36eee504_m.jpg      28690104460_96f0975ce0_m.jpg

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I found this last S. psittacina dying in a local garden centre last August, it was so far gone they just gave it to me. Luckily there was some life left.


                          28975902985_b3c6f3cdb3_m.jpg                                       28975966625_fb4e18409c_m.jpg
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