Help - slow growing stapelia


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Received a stapelia cutting about 3 years ago and just stuck it in a sandy soil mixture. Since then it has been very slow growing. It was in the greenhouse but I think it got too much light and heat. Now on the kitchen windowsill.


It may be slow growing but it has just produced its first viable flower. Fortunately can't smell anything unpleasant yet!






Any tips on growing stapelia would be welcome.



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Stapelias are better off in a gritty mixture as they have a habit of rotting suddenly. Try about 60% grit to 40% loam based compost. Stick a thick layer of pure grit on the surface and the new growth will root through it. Generally they fare best in bright sunlight, low humidity, min winter temp 5C, but warmer is better if you can still give bright light in winter. Very occasional light watering in winter to stop the stems shrivelling, in summer water when the pot has dried out completely. Under that regime they grow quite quickly in to big clumps, but take the odd cutting now and again, in case of rot.

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