Rainwater Storage Oxygenation?


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I collect rain water as a primary means to sustain my sarracenia. Recently I have added a U.inflata to my collection so I have a mini-tub I keep it in. 

I am aware that when I top water my sarracenia through a water spout that it aerates the water to a degree but was curious if freshly oxygenated water would any benefit.

aka I can just take my oxygenated water from my new mini-tub to water my plants and replace from my rainwater reserves?

What are your thoughts? As in would it yield any noticeable benefit to my plants? Also as the inflata grows, it will oxygenate the water too, correct?


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The water I'm using at present has been in storage since last year in capped barrels. I've stored rainwater for several years in a sealed container and when the time came I used it straight from that container. Don't bother faffing about with the mini barrel, just use it direct from your rainwater reserves.

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interesting.......far as the pot stench. I use larger pots without trays/top water which also helps slow the media degradation. 

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