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Pinguicula sehuensis

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AIPC - Italian CP SOciety - is proud to have published an article by S. Jost Casper on Pinguicula sehuensis, the first butterwort reported from Sardinia and, as he writes "...the most important contribution to the taxonomy of the genus Pinguicula (Lentibulariaceae) in Europe

during the past fifty years...".


Here you can freely download the pdf English version of the article: CARNIVOROUS DOCS (you have just to click on the banner).


Besides, on the same number of our journal (AIPC Magazine n. 40, vol. 2 June 2016) we have also published an interesting field trip report by Gabriele Basso who, in 2015, visited Sardinia to observe P. sehuensis in the wild. You can freely download the Italian pdf version here: MAGAZINE ONLINE (click on Pinguicula sehuensis. In the pdf you can find  first Casper's article in Italian and following Basso's article with many beautiful pictures in the wild).


I hope you like them.


MAurizio Saroldi

AIPC Editor


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Thanks for posting ths Maurizio! Very interesting. I went walking in some mountains while working there a few years ago, but i guess the area i was in was just too dry, didn't even find any orchids. If i get chance to go there again ill have to travel a bit further around...

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