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Open day October 15th, 12 noon

Mike King

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Awesome day, glad I got back into the hobby fir the final open day at that address!

Great to see you again Alexis, I think it's been about 10/11 years since I last saw you. We're all looking older and 'wiser! [emoji23]

Fantastic selection of plants for sale. I purchased Heliamphora nutans, Dionaea 'cup trap'
Drosera prolifera, Utricularia monanthos and Pinguicula laueana. If you are a Nep fan there was a huge assortment on sale from Sarracenia Nurseries.

I only took a couple of photos as I left early due to feeling unwell. Will stick them up later.

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It was a great open day, really impressed by Mike's collection and great to meet some new people. To Mike and his family: thank you very much for the hospitality.


I have taken a lot of pictures which I will upload during the week when I'm back home. I'm still at the airport :)

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Thanks for sharing all the photos - the plants look stunning, and it sounds as though everyone had a fantastic day! :-)
It's a shame I couldn't make it this time - but will plan things well in advance for next time - so hopefully I'll meet up with some fellow CP enthusiasts in 2017!

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