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Problems Pygmy Drosera's substrate.

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Hello there... it's two years I'm experiencing great problems with peat-based substrate for Pygmy Drosera. I mean... while the specimens I grow in peat:perlite with a layer of pure sand on top grow as they are supposed to, along with those kept in pure red loam + sand, those in peat : sand : perlite look just awful. I've really begun to think that these plants can't stand the peaty soil around their feet. Anybody of you has ever had this problem? (I keep my plants in a greenhouse in Summer and move them inside when it's too cold in Winter, in an unheated room with a lamp).


Here are some pics, sorry for the quality, but I think they're enough to get what I mean.










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Hi there.

Ive had problems with peat and perlite mix due to mold.

Perlite needs a good airflow to provent problems i believe especially in the winter.

Ive managed to sort most of the problem doing top watering time to time to flush the media through. I also let the water in the trays dry out for a few days before adding more.

When gemma season comes around i will be starting from fresh but with a peat and sand mix to cut out using perlite. Im pretty sure perlite is the problem for you and i. 

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