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As well as CP's I grow several plants of Aristolochia. These plants have amazing flowers that trap insects for pollination.

A. sempervirens


These flowers are only a couple of CM long, but the plant gets smothered with them. They have a mushroomy smell which is quite strong. The plant is fairly tardy in the UK.

A grifithii


Another fairly hardy plant (apparently).

A macroura


This is by far my favourite. The flowers are amazingly similar to Sarracenia pitchers but they absolutely stink. These are flowers from a couple of years ago, still waiting for buds to form this year.

A gigantea


This is an extremely vigorous plant that produces large flowers. They have no smell at all

I also grow 2 forms of A. fimbriata that I am still waiting for them to flower and A. chiquitensis.


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Nice plants! A couple of days ago I got an unrooted cutting of Aristolochia littoralis, any tips of how to take care of it IF it roots?

Taking care of the rooted plant is easy. I've grown them outside in containers and under glass and they happily romp away. In winter I cut back the growth so it is more manageable and store them frost free in my garage.

Sadly, cuttings of this group of plants can be very tricky. I've tried on multiple occasions but never succeeded. I would use a rooting hormone and probably a propagator with some gentle bottom heat. Good luck!

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