Aldrovanda in the Netherlands

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Aldrovanda vesiculosa is a rare carnivore in Europe. At a few places it has been (re)introduced in a pont near Bonn and in the Netherlands. In the  Netherlands an Hungarian clone has been introduced in a natural area near Nieuwkoop aboout 9 (or is it seven) years ago. After the discovery rangers have tried to remove all Aldrovanda plants,apparently they did not fully succeed.
It appears Aldrovanda is still doing well in this area and it might be expanding its range.

It happens that the area is just over 20 km away from my home, and I have been searching for Aldrovanda several times without any luck untill yesterday.



The ditch with Aldrovanda.



In this ditch grows also Utricularia vulgaris and frogbit.



U. vulgaris and Aldrovanda



Aldrovanda is readily branching, a sign that the plants are healthy.





At the shore Drosera rotundifolia was abundantly growing (since the reed was just cut, the Drosera did not look extremely nice.



I hope you enjoyed the photo's!

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very wet toendra probably even submerged. However, variation should never eb an argument for bringing a species "back". Just before the last ice age we had lions in Europe and we're not bringing back those. If you want to reintroduce something, that can be done but do so with species that are no longe than two or three generations gone and only if the reason for them to leave has been fixed (like agricultural development).


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The project with mega herbivores is in Holland a big thing as far as I have noticed. Heck cattle and Conic horses as a replacement for Auer ox and wild horse.

Thousand plant species are farmed in this country and naturalise in more human disturbed areas. From there they will usurp the few nature reserves in time. But that’s all for good reason (profit)

Aldrovanda there isn’t and is very special in its needs. That’s the reason that its occurrence is dwindling rapidly worldwide. Not a species I would choose to exterminate anywhere.

I would not introduce it though.

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