Mosquitoes and nepenthes


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In my subtropical garden mosquitoes are a nearly year round nuisance, very agressive black and white stripped demons ! I usually spray dish soap water in my neoregelias and burn mosquito coils everyday but the only thing I found to be effective are the typhoons...for two or three days.  :mad:


I have just started to grow some nepenthes and recently read about the way Nepenthes attenboroughii offers a nursery for mosquitoes larvaes in the first fraction of its picher's fluid... :blink:


I am wondering if the same phenomenon appears with other nepenthes ? (I currently grow truncata, rafflesiana and vogelii)

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Not sure, rafflesianas have quite thick viscous liquid so maybe not so good for mosquito larvae, vogelli pitchers tend to be a bit small, truncata is big enough and would be a likely candidate.

It might depend on the mosquito species as well, ive never seen any of our uk ones growing pitchers. It maybe only a few tropical species can?

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