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Sowing Cephalotus seeds


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I've just aquired some Cephalotus Follicularis seeds through the CPS, and am wondering what is the best way to germinate them. This is my first year of sowing carnivorous seeds, so want to get the best results. Any help and advice would be greatly received.

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Hi Pic

At the top right of this page there's a ' search ' box, if you type in " ceph seeds " you'll get a lot of different post by people who have either asked or answered this question before.

The methods people use varies and with varying success so I wouldn't recommend any one method, you'll get a broader understanding by reading the posts and then using which ever bits of advice suit you best.

I have grown a few from seed over the years , my best tip would be to microwave the media your going to plant in for a couple of minutes to sterilise it before sowing.

Ceph seeds can take a long time to germinate, if planted in summer then usually a winter is needed and the seeds will germinate from Spring onwards. By this time the soil will be over run with moss or weeds, sterilising it slows this down in my experience.

I have 3 seedlings that are in their 5th year and they are still smaller than a 5p coin . Other people seem to have raised mature plants from seed in half the time .

Be prepared for a long wait though.......

Cheers chris

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I planted some seeds in October 2014 and only in the last fortnight I was going to throw the pots out because nothing had emerged. I had another close look and saw just one seedling. It must have germinated fairly recently.

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