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Here are some pictures of my Greenhouse and some of its inhabitants after the only (almost) three sunny days of this summer...


I hope you'll like it. :-)


28206798766_fd251b42cc_c.jpgDrosera adelae by Garnivore, sur Flickr
27624919213_1c0d0db37e_c.jpgDrosera adelae by Garnivore, sur Flickr
Leah x Leah
Encore petit, je l'attends aussi celui-là! :)
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28241020435_14b6453103_c.jpgDrosera scorpioides by Garnivore, sur Flickr


Ce n'est pas son plus beau profil, mais ma souplesse (inexistante) ne m'en permet pas plus...




28163392691_2ec880365a_c.jpgDrosera intermedia by Garnivore, sur Flickr





28241188875_187ff416e9_c.jpgDionaea muscipula by Garnivore, sur Flickr






Thank you for watching, see you soon!


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