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Asda Nepenthes


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Jaicen - I had a quick look around some of the (mainly Polish) CP sites, and saw plenty of cheap, albeit small Neps for sale. Don't want to name names, as the main two I saw were ones where I had bad experiences, but it looked like there were plenty around. Granted, you have to plant them yourself, and add your own plastic up!


Manders - My Mum knows neps are weird, along with all other CPs! Mind you, she was quite taken by a Sarra I had, and put it in her bathroom, so there's hope for her yet!

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Just wondered how everyone is doing with their Asda Neps. Been 11 months since I got mine, and I must say I'm disappointed. They are still small, although Bill Bailey and Suki have a few leaves out of the dome (but nothing like the size on the ones Manders showed). The badly-named Lady Luck isn't doing so well, very small, still completely inside the dome, and the pitchers seem to die off after a while.

All been cared for well, kept the water at the right level, plenty of light from some 6400K CFLs, in a spare bedroom, so warm enough. Other plants under the same lights are doing much better.

Was going to post some pics, but the wife has taken the camera out! Will try and get some when she comes back.

How are yours doing?

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Nah, the pitchers have never been big enough to get anything inside.

Actually, I did fertilise them the other day, as a couple of them are finally big enough to get a weeny syringe into the top of the pitcher. Obviously too early to say if this will help.

The growing guide said to spray them with fertiliser, but I didn't do that as it seemed bad advice. I know BE are experts, but they said you could use tap water and you should spray with fertiliser, both of which seem to go against what I've read around here for CPs. Spraying them would end up with most of the fertiliser going into the reservoir at the bottom, which didn't seem like a good idea!

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The Boss arrived back with the camera, so here are some pics.

First, the badly-named lady Luck, who doesn't look so lucky...


Next up is Bill Bailey, who is doing better, although not so great for 11 months under the lights...


Finally we have Suki, who is doing a bit better, but again, not like I'd hoped...


I'd be interested to see how other people got on with theirs.

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How does that compare to putting liquid fertiliser in the pitchers? That's what I do with my other neps, and can now do with two of the Asda ones. I guess if I got a small enough syringe, I could do it to Lady Lack-Of-Luck as well.

I've been using a seaweed-based liquid fertiliser (B&Q's finest!)

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Dont know what difference it would make, i would think putting it in the pitcher is similar to foliar feeding.  Any fertiliser should help provided its not too strong. I have put seaweed fertiliser in nep pots before now.

Btw Nep roots do grow in normal rainforest soil, with lots of other 'ordinary' plants, so they can take some weak fertiliser.

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Still no news on these appearing this year or not?

My first ever CPs came from Asda!!  They sold what were probably wild collected VFTs way back in mid 1970s in small pots with clear domes over them.  They were often in poor condition so I thought I'd rescue them (and never paid:twisted:).  None lived for long as I hadn't a clue what to do with them - they probably died from over feeding.....  But the bug had bitten and by 10 years later I'd started properly thanks to Slack. 


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