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brainstorming Ideas for self sustaining bog?

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As my collection gets larger with each revolution of the sun; the idea of a bog keeps coming back like a boomerang but the main issue I have is the maintenance. If I have to manually recycle it every so often then I prefer to stay with pots as they are easier to handle obviously. 

But I wonder if it is possible(it is easy I should say) to get it to recycle itself with a little help? 

This is what I was thinking: 

inside the bog, say build a steel frame-type structure(or concrete) with a few inches underneath for excess water runoff. on top of the frame, lay a bed of rocks then the usual cp mix and on top of that say 4-5 layers of living sphag? 

in case of flood and also for toxic run off, pump out the reserve when necessary.

ideally the layers of spagh will begin a natural life/death cycle to keep things going on it's own?

or would it have to be different say only a few layers of cp mix and all the rest living spagh? Idea being the layers without sun will die and turn to media while the layers that win get the sun and continue to live and die....

also would freezing be an issue with an in-ground bog?

It is in the ground but being that it is sealed off would that prevent it from getting the benefit of the geothermal heat? 

If so I am guessing the easiest solution would be to scale it with my steel-frame, polyethylene greenhouse/hot house. As in simply put the thing on top of the bog during the winter?

regardless of the outcome of this idea it does spark another one....instead of moving my pots into the gh for the winter, 
arrange the pots so the gh can be put on top of them during the winter....hmmmmmm....

also another way of thinking about it would be a plateau or hill therefore eliminating the need for a sump as it would run/drain on it's own.


^ this idea was actually presented to me and I like the idea of it as it is easier to build a mound that a sump. So any ideas will certainly be helpful. 




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