Summer pitchers


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Hello everyone; a few pictures of some of this Summer's crop:


N. burbidgeae



N. flava



N. platychila



N. pitopangii



N. inermis



N. sibuyanensis - upper and lower



N. macrophylla (basal growth)



N. jamban



and a group photo




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Do you get insects in your tropical house ?

Very few, other than very tiny flies that N.inermis seems to be very good at catching. I'm more concerned about keeping pests out, so I have double door entry, no windows that open and vents covered with shade netting.

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Absolutely fantastic, you must be the first person to get an intermediate pitopangii pitcher, really well done! What form is it? It's such a wonderfull species.


Thank you! It is Wistuba's 'Ivory coloured form'.

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Not even a single one of your neps looks bad?  :laugh2:


How do you control the temperature and humidity? maybe I can copy you and get amazing neps in the future

I only show the good ones! I have my fair share of problems and frustrations, I can assure you.

Humidity is easy - I have one hydrofogger on a timer adding moisture every 2 hours during the day, and another set at 70%; humidity is usually well above this level.

Keeping the temperature down in the summer is my biggest problem: I suspect heat-stress is responsible for a lot of the issues I've had over the years. The hydrofoggers help to some extent, but this year I'm taking the easy way out and doubling up on the shade netting over the greenhouse. In the winter, of course, I am reliant on heaters and no power cuts! Wiser

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