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Surfacing sand: calcareous or quartz?


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Hi everyone,


I'm about to receive some Mexican pinguiculas, and I am planning to put some pure sand on top of the mix as surfacing.

The aim is to avoid algae development.


So, the question is: which sand? Calcareous (same as I'll put in my mix), or the usual carnivorous plants one (quartz)?


Did anyone compare these 2 side-by-side, to have an idea of what is best? I noticed a lot of moss development in the pot where I have my Nepenthes campanulata with calcareous gravel surfacing.

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Hi... when I started with mexican pings I used peat-sand 1:1 and, and pure sand (quartz) on the top... it isn't a good compost for my place, because it dries very fastly... for me the best for mexican pings is pure calcareus sand or pure vulcanic lava (that is used for bonsai cultivations)... sometimes can grow the moss if you water a lot, but it is good for pings;) 

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