Byblis gigantia with Setocoris bybliphilus bugs

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I have grown B. gigantea successfully in the past from seed and it was always one of my favourite plants, so it was definitely amongst the high priority plants to obtain now I'm back in the hobby.

Imagine my surprise when at Mike Kings open day there was a seller offering healthy, mature plants of this species at what I personally think where quite cheap prices when you consider the time and effort that goes into germinating them, then growing them on to such a large size.


The icing on the cake though, was when he told me the plant had a colony of 'Byblis bugs' or Setocoris bybliphilus living on it so not to ever use any pesticides on it.

So far I have counted around 5 bugs of all different sizes. They are quite shy but I have seen them feeding on trapped insects. Sadly they dart to the centre of the plant at the slightest movements!


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