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My new Highland Carnivorous plants terrarium!

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After a few months I finaly run it!I must say that I have a few technical things to do in duble control of temperature!I hope to like it my "friends" that told me that Icould not grow higthland Nepenthes in Greece and I must accept that..... well I think that you totaly wrong....!


Some numbers for my terrarium:

Made of multi carbonate 8mm triple layers..











1x20W grow led light

2x10W 6400 led light



Best regards!
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Well I was study in univercity  electrical engineering so it was quite easy the wiring!A  programable week timer with two outputs  one out control the lighting  periode and the other the moisture periode. The only thing that I am not sure is the quality of lighting I will increase the wattage of led 6400k to 50w if i am not see any coloration in new growth of hellianphora....

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I can post  them but I must dismantle the cooling system first unfortunately, the system is pretty much like that https://www.adafruit.com/product/1335 and the water came through this one http://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/40-80-12mm-Aluminium-Water-Cooling-Waterblock-Heatsink-Block-Liquid-Cooler-For-CPU-GPU-Laser-Head/2138079_32638747444.html  and it go inside of the  moist bottle that you see in the pictures  via a plastic pipe  and cool down the water , it is very simple constraction it has many videos on youtube how to make it! As soon as I have a little time I will post some nice photos!

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